Individual or Group Training for Health Professionals

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This training aims to familiarize health professionals with the basic principles of Health Coaching and teach them how to apply them to their work.

Health Coaching techniques bridge the gap between health professional and patient or client, between the treatment plan and its implementation, and between the professional’s guidelines and their actual integration by patients into their everyday lives.

The role of the Health Coach is to support and facilitate patients achieve their specific health and well being goals.
The experiential techniques implemented in Health Coaching enable health professionals acquire the ability to transfer their experience to their patients.

“By first-hand experiencing the benefits of Health and Wellness Coaching, health professionals familiariaze themselves with Coaching techniques and choose those that suitable for incorporation into their interactions with each patient.”

Health coaching training is beneficial to health professionals in the following ways:

  • It brings patients closer to professionals.
  • It promotes communication.
  • It builds trust.
  • Patients become more receptive and commit themselves to the treatment plan.
  • Patients become part of the treatment plan.
  • Appointments are adhered to, due to better cooperation between professionals and patienta.
  • It achieves better therapeutic results.
  • It reduces stress.
  • Patients feel rewarded for their effort and contribution.
  • Professionals feel successful.


Health Coaching training includes the development of effective communication skills for health professionals, both with patients or clients, and with partners and staff.
This type of training aims to build functional relationships in professional environments. By developing flexibility and adaptability,
health profesionals establish effective communication with patients, which, in turn, provides the latter with engagement, treatment satisfaction, and commitment consistency.
You will learn to earn their trust and explore ways to be approachable and understandable for succesful treatment.

Effective communication helps your patients:

  1. Motivate strongly towards change
  2. Participate consciously in the treatment plan
  3. Trust and cooperate with you
  4. Comply with their treatment
  5. Implement life changes with ease
  6. Maintain high morale
  7. Avoid disappointment by possible setbacks

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